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How much does CoolSculpting Cost?

Is the Cool Sculpting Cost Savings Worth It?

Is the procedure wirth the low cost?

While the first question about cool sculpting for many might be the all important "how much does cool sculpting cost?", it is just as important to those new to the procedure to know "does cool sculpting really work". One recent interview with a top Zeltiq cool sculpting plastic surgeon revealed that the normal permanent benefits were around 20% fat reduction. When it comes to the most common trouble area treated like the upper abdomen ,lower abdomen, flanks, love handles, hips, bra rolls and inner thighs the common outcome required about 2-3 total treatments. Patients should calculate this need for more than one procedure into their overall calculation of the procedure pricing. A patient that expect too much or is overall concerned with the price may be disappointed without this realistic expectation.

In all, patients have been happy with the outcome despite high expectations. The process is a relatively low cost and safe choice when weighed against the other options. If you have made a calculated decision to avoid more invasive procedures then the cost is not your only concern.

Balance your decision around safety, time frame and the low pain approach and know this is just as important as the price and why you researched this option from the start.

Currently, Zeltiq cool sculpting it is the best non-surgical, permanent spot treatment of fat reduction that is on the market. A low cost lipo alternative seems to have been finally discovered.

Check out some of our featured providers below and let's start on the road to success and self confidence.

Prices for Cool Sculpting by region from actually patients

$1,500 So Far, Haven't Seen Any Results - La Jolla, CA
$3,750 It Gave Me the Motivation I Needed! - Houston, TX
$1,400 7 Weeks Post Procedure and Very Pleased - Houston, TX
$2,250 Hoping for Great Results!!! - Scottsdale, AZ
$2,600 Did Not Work out $2600! - Tampa, FL
$700 Loved It - Orange County, CA
$1,500 Definitely Not Worth It - Calgary, AB
$1,600 Great Coolsculpting Experience - Australia, AU
$5,000 CoolSculpting on Inner/Outer Thighs, Inner Knees and Back of Arms - Marina del Rey, CA
$1,300 Great Result! - Albertson, NY
$800 Waste of Money! - Mobile, AL
$1,300 Wish I Had my Money Back - Sacramento, CA
$750 I Almost Ruled This Out, but So Glad I Had It Done! - Encino, CA
$1,245 Waste of Money - Fayetteville, NC
$867 Fat Freeze
$1,100 Coolsculpting of Stubborn Abdomen Bulge - Dublin, OH
$1,500 Not Worth It! - Glendale, CA
$1,500 Coolsculpting- Trouble Areas Now Beautiful! - Portland, OR

Procedure Prices

See our comparison of area cool sculpting costs and what is the lowest price of cool sculpting procedures near you.

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Cost by Region

Every state has a different market price for cosmetic surgery. Some regions can be as much as 85% less for the same operation.

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Choosing a Surgeon

It is not only price but track record of success and who has the latest technology when choosing a cool sculpting plastic surgeon.

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